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Todoc Dispenser

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Todoc is...

  • Natural Virus Bacteria Killer
  • Eco Friendly Herbal Extract Sterilization
  • Rapid Sterilizing BIO NANO Techonology


  • Material : use polycarbonate for superior durability.
  • Design : simple but elegant design for bathroom interior.
  • Appearance : round design considering slippery bathroom floor to minimize danger of injury.
  • Sophisticated control : quantitative spray ensures the economic feasibility.
  • Easy to use : easy installation on the toilet bowl for easier use.
  • Compatibility : install on any shape of the toilet bowl (including bidet)


  1. Push button (left or right side of toilet bowl / attach to wall)
  2. LED light (visualize machine's operation)
  3. Sound effect (auralize machine's operation)
  4. Fixed quantity control (accurate control)
  5. Spray solution on a toilet bowl (spray evenly at an angle of 45 degree)

Model : Todoc Dispenser

PKG Size : 142x114x113 (mm, w*d*h)

Battery : 2EA X 1.5V (AAsize) ※Battery is only used to turn on the led and electronic sound.

Material : PC (Polycarbonate)